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Notes from the prairie

Three Crows

by Cathy Grafton on 02/26/12

Since I am spending some time at my kitchen window while I sip coffee in the mornings, I have come to know the three crows in my neighborhood.  They usually show up one after another in a large tree across the street.  They pose gracefully for awhile and do a few caws, sometimes one takes off and the others stay.  I wonder how much they travel around in our neighborhood, but they certainly seem to be "regulars" on a daily basis.

Spending time sitting in the kitchen with my window on the world as I continue to recover, means I take much more time to look at what I can see out the window.  There certainly is a lot to see, besides the crows and other birds, the sky is an every changing palate of color and clouds.  Late in the day the shades of blue just inspire me to add those colors to my ribbon work.  The bones of the trees, now waiting for spring, are etched against the sky and their graceful movements when the wind blows are fun to watch.

Soon I will be able to move about a little more freely again, sure hope I still take time to notice the crows in the morning.

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