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Notes from the prairie


by Cathy Grafton on 02/13/12

From time to time we get a lesson in patience.  I have been getting one the past month as I sit at home recovering from a broken ankle.  Things I use to do without thinking, now take planning and much more effort.  I accept help daily and find myself feeling inept at things I use to do easily.  Waiting with "grace" for this healing process to happen, I find that small things make my day.

A few days ago after too many gloomy days, in mid-afternoon the sun burst out from behind the clouds and flooded my living room with a warm rich afternoon light.  It was just a joyous moment and I soaked it in, moving into the kitchen so the sunlight could shine on my grateful face for awhile.

I hope I am learning this lesson and know that I am very happy for friends and family who have done so much to help me through this time.

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Cathy & friend at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI