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Notes from the prairie

Foggy Mornings

by Cathy Grafton on 02/03/12

This morning I sat in my kitchen sipping a cup of coffee watching the foggy morning come to life.  They gray swirls of fog became more distinct as the sun rose somewhere lessening the darkness but not yet able to wash through the fog.  I had some time to think about foggy mornings and how they soften our world.  The bare tree branches became a bit more distinct as I watched.

I was taking time to commune with the fog - because I am on the mend from a bad fall on the ice and a broken ankle.  So the most I can do early in the morning is hobble into the kitchen and push the button on the coffeemaker.  Then I stay close because moving a cup of coffee to an easy chair right now is just beyond my ability.  Waiting for a friend to come by and help me with breakfast gave me a few moments to savor both the coffee and the fog.

We get so many lessons in life - and mine is now to slow down, accept help and take time to watch the fog in the early morning.

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