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Notes from the prairie

Spending time in the garden

by Cathy Grafton on 06/24/12

It has been an interesting spring in my garden.  As my ankle injury improved I have found that I can more easily get out and spend some nice garden time.  I was able to remove part of an old flagstone edge and build a stone cairn - always wanted one and it is a great way to store the stone until I can do more building.  I left some bits of the border here and there and have added space to my shade garden.

Then I made a new low wattle fence to help hold back plants along the sidewalk.  A wattle fence is made from flexible cuttings from my Devil's Walking Stick - a lovely corkscrew shrub that grows water shoots each year, which I can save and use.

Then there are the geraniums - so many new lovely colors, I have pots of them on the porch, along my steps, out in front and in the stone garden out back.  Makes for some daily watering, but a great way to get out in the garden.  Summer is sure here and I am enjoying it.  Hope if you have a garden you are enjoying yours.

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