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Notes from the prairie

Making space

by Cathy Grafton on 10/25/15

Last week I was at a wonderful library conference - being able to exchange ideas, meet other librarians and learn about new trends and topics is always fun. One talk in particular was one I found important to reinforce the need to "make space" in our lives, both our personal lives and our workplace lives. By making space, it is more than physical, it is making mental space. This can help ideas to flow into our minds. I work hard to integrate right brain thinking in my life - and making space for new ideas is important. Our speaker had some very creative and practical ways to do this - following ritual, having quiet time are just a few, disconnecting from electronics - definitely a big one in this connected world we live in. I agreed with so many of her ideas, and it was a good reminder to be sure and remember to "make space" in my life. I hope everyone can find what works for them and will take a little time to renew themselves in nature or however best they feel a connection to the world around us.

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