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Century Inn, Scenery Hill, PA

by Cathy Grafton on 09/01/15

A couple of weeks ago I got the news that the historic Century Inn was mostly destroyed by fire.  This Inn has been in existence since our revolution and had a flag from the Whiskey Rebellion on display in the tavern room. I've stayed there many times over the years and would wander the dining room to see the antique samplers on display.  Walking into the dining room you stepped across a stone threshold that was hallowed from the many travelers who sheltered at this Inn.  Scenery Hill is on the National Road, Route 40, not far outside Washington, PA, a hill top town with views of the rolling Pennsylvania terrain.

So my sadness is shared by many at the destruction of this Inn and the antiques that filled it. On my first trip I took a picture of a currents and coxcomb quilt block hanging on the wall - I'm sure it has been destroyed, so I'm in the process of making a replacement as a gift to the Innkeepers.
I believe they plan to rebuild and hope they do, even though I'm sure it will be a pale comparison to the original Inn.  They may be able to save the stone part of the building, those of us who love this Inn wish them well.

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