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Notes from the prairie

Frugalities and Scraps

by Cathy Grafton on 02/06/16

In my work I end up with lots of border strips and for quite a while have saved them in two basket so that I can reuse them with new pieces. Well I expanded to 3 baskets and finally decided it was time to clear them out a bit. So sorted and arranged them, discarding those too small to do anything with. Then I ironed them all and for the past few days have been making what I call "blanks". Little bordered pieces that I can then embroider to make my pictures.  What fun to find bits of fabric that I had enjoyed working with and making - sometimes tiny little borders, just to use them once again. We who work with fabric really love the stuff. I find great joy is finding the right centers and of course in bringing everything to life with stitches. You will be able to see these frugalities at my festivals this year, first one coming up soon. I've updated my festival list, so check it out.

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Hezekiah, the calf, at Lincoln Log cabin
Cathy & friend at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI