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Notes from the prairie

Venerable Bede's sparrow

by Cathy Grafton on 05/19/14

Do you every have an old memory that just keeps popping up?  Well I've had one for a long time and am amazed at how much detail I still remember about it.  Everything it seems, but who told the story.  Well today I finally found out it was Venerable Bede - who talked about a sparrow that flew into the high window of a castle hall on a wintery night, flew across the warm room with all the knights and nobles down below and then out another window into the storm once again.  I think there are several interpretations of the story and how it relates to our own lives.  Somehow this story has always captured my imagination.  Those watching don't really know anything about this little sparrow except for the brief time it appears in the great mead hall.  I'm sure it is a story of faith for many, for me though it is more a story of just being open to whatever comes to us.  So often we feel we must know or somehow control our lives.  I am amazed at how often just being in the moment moves my life into a new direction that I never even considered.

Maybe castle keeps are in my thoughts because I've just returned from another trip to France, where I seek out stones and walls wherever I can.  I walk on cobblestones everywhere and my imagination takes over and I seek out the history of the places I visit.  In our present day modern world, it is hard to really imagine what life was like hundreds of years ago, how tall towers were built without the machines we use today and how craftsmen carved stone and iron to create beauty which decorates these ancient places.  I am always humbled by the great cathedrals and abbayes that I visit there.  Their grand interiors are no less marvelous today, and I find myself in awe whenever I enter the portals.  Today I am happy to have located the story about Venerable Bede and the Sparrow once again.

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1. Holly T said on 6/27/14 - 06:25PM
A wonderful story, and glad you still visit France and inspire & get inspired!

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