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Notes from the prairie

The Golden Haze of Autumn

by Cathy Grafton on 10/22/14

Tonight driving home from the library at sunset I had a lovely view across the fields along Route 66.  There were farmers out everywhere harvesting corn and soybeans in field after field.  The soybeans are so dry they just pulverize into dust as the combine collect the beans.  Dust everywhere floating in the air and in the late afternoon sun it has a magical effect.

Everything seems golden this time of year, the maple trees outside my window reflect into the rooms inside and when the sun is out everything just glows.  I have been making lots of pieces that reflect these fall colors.  Russet browns, pale and bright yellows, tinged with gold and touches of orange.  Accents of dark sumac red and the worn out greens ready to fade away.  Fall is such a gathering in time and I enjoy these early evenings and having a cozy fire in the den as dark falls.  I wish you all a happy fall season.

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Hezekiah, the calf, at Lincoln Log cabin
Cathy & friend at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI