Welcome to my website, my name is Cathy Grafton.  
I love making quilts and doing silk ribbon embroidery. 
Please come in and take a look.
   Just a few things about me ---
-I am a quilter and needlework artist living in central Illinois -- on the Grand Prairie
-I draw my inspiration from the farmland and bits of remaining prairie that surround me everyday.  
-My quilts reflect the colors and patterns I see on the land.  
-I work primarily by hand using traditional techniques, however, the quilts and embroidered pieces I make are not really traditional.
-I love sharing and teaching others - please see my lecture workshop page for details
-The "about me" page has a listing of events I will be attending each year

Silk ribbon embroidery is a major component on my quilts as well as on the small silk ribbon "picture pieces" I create which capture small scenes in nature.
                 Small silk ribbon floral spray
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Hand stiched in Illinois
Shaker "Tree of  Life"
hand stitched using silk threads & silk ribbon embroidery
Cone flowers - detail from one of my Prairie Quilts
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Notes from the prairie

Detail of my "Moon Garden" prairie quilt
This is a small piece I made after my latest visit to France.  I spent several evenings at this small Bistro tucked away along the river in Bayeux. You can read more about it on my blog page - Notes from the Prairie
A detail from my new "Fairy Garden" 
series showing the fairy house. 

Below that is the first of the series, I am creating more, contact me for info.